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Blackhead vacuum remover

€38 €40

 The vacuum pore cleaner is based on the Hydrafacial technology .
Pour water (hydrolat, acid tonic) into a special compartment, select the appropriate nozzle and vacuum intensity mode.
This procedure allows cleaning so far only with the help of a vacuum, but also with the help of a liquid.
Suitable for all skin types!
The device allows you to take care of your skin at home. The skin becomes clearer, without black heads, impurities and rashes.
The use of tonic in cleaning provides additional care.

  • Exfoliate and moisturize, clean pore residue.
  • Remove blackhead and skin dirt.
  • Consists 6 probes: 3*soft, 3* hard.
  • 3 modes: for dry, normal and oily skin.
  • USB-charger.
  • Instructions.

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