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with cloudberry oil and vitamin C

suitable for skin 25+

Express-serum for Face and Eyelids Amazing Skin - the transformation of your skin in a few minutes.

The complex of active ingredients, which is part of the express-serum, affects the skin in several ways:

  •     gives a natural glow
  •     instantly revives the complexion
  •     moisturizes the skin and gives a feeling of comfort and beauty
  •     has an instant smoothing effect

Aquaxyl is a moisturizing complex that helps cells retain moisture and prevent skin from losing water. As a result, peeling is reduced, the micro-relief is smoothed, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

D-panthenol penetrates deep into the skin and fills it with moisture giving a feeling of softness and comfort throughout the day.

Express serum for Face and Eyelids Amazing Skin - give the true magnificence to your skin!

Application: Apply express-serum on clean skin of the face and eyelids with light massage movements until completely absorbed.

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